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Coronavirus Safety Precautions

Coronavirus Safety precautions

Issued on: 13th March 2020

Amended: 23rd June 2020

In view of the current Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, we would like to draw your attention to preventative measures being taken by our Group to protect our employees, customers and suppliers.

For the time being, it is ‘business as usual’. Our offices remain open as normal, but we will inform you if that situation needs to change.

Customer Collection Information (During COVID-19)

  •  On arrival enter our carpark at the first opening next to unit 26 and park in the coned off area
  •  Once parked, stay in your car and ring Graham Tyson reception, 01275 870840, to let us know you are here
  •  Reception will then walkie talkie the warehouse to advise of your arrival on site.
  •  Someone from the warehouse will bring the goods out to you on a pallet and then return to the warehouse – two copies of the delivery note will be left with the goods.
  •  Please load your vehicle, sign the white despatch note and leave it tucked inside the pallet. Take the yellow copy for your reference.

Customer Sales Orders

In order to ensure we can effectively manage Customers Orders during these unprecedented times we are requesting that Customers where possible email their requirements to us.

This will enable us to maintain our high levels of service and we will be able to process Customers Orders more efficiently. Of course, if you do need to talk to us, then our telephone lines will remain open for customer enquiries.


We are asking all staff to be diligent and exercise reasonable caution, and the following steps are recommended:

• If one of our employees comes to your site for a meeting or delivery, please be aware that we are discouraging handshakes. Please don’t take this personally and we hope you understand.

• We are enforcing stronger hygiene procedures within our office to minimise the risk of infection.

• If any of our employees return from an infected country we are ensuring they self-quarantine for 14 days.

• If any of our employees have been in contact with a person whom has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, or if they themselves are diagnosed (or exhibit symptoms of the virus), we are requiring them to self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

Limiting time and movement at our sites

• Trucks should drive on site only just before the confirmed un/loading slot, if a slot booking procedure is implemented on site.

• At sites where one of our employees unloads the truck, we ask drivers to stay in their cabs as much as possible. Keys must be removed from the ignition.

• If a driver needs to leave the cab, they should only do so after making a one of our employees aware.

Additional measures

All visitors to our sites may be asked to answer the following questions:

• Do you have any COVID-19 type symptoms, i.e.a cough, a high temperature orshortness of breath?

• Have you been in contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

• Have you travelled to or from any of the following geographical regions where there is an elevated threat?

If they answer, ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, we will respectfully decline them from entering our sites.

If they answer ‘YES’ to at least two questions, they will be encouraged to seek medical advice as directed by their local health provider.

We presume and request that all of our partners, suppliers and customers are taking similar precautions.